50 dating Lolland

If you plan on getting to Rødby, you have to go with a bus from Maribo or Nakskov, or go with the train towards Hamburg from Nykøbing Falster.

Thusly, it is not unusual for locals to have some knowledge of German, particularly if they deal with tourism.The easiest way to get around on Lolland is by using the local railway, Lollandsbanen, which connects the cities and major villages.Stops are Nykøbing Falster, Øster Toreby, Grænge, Sakskøbing, Maribo, Ryde, Søllested, Avnede and finally Nakskov, and there is hourly departures from around 6.00 am to around 1.00 am.Plans for a "fixed link" are underway, but due to problems on the German side no reliable opening date exists.Danish is the official language of Lolland, as with the rest of Denmark.

50 dating Lolland

Bigger airports like Hamburg are farther away than CPH.There is a little airport for small private planes in Holeby.The local railway "Lollandsbanen" connects Nakskov, Maribo and Sakskøbing with Nykøbing Falster on the mainline from Copenhagen to Hamburg. 50 dating Lolland-6150 dating Lolland-7250 dating Lolland-14 On "Lollandsbanen" and to Copenhagen at least one train per hour.Nysted is especially beautiful as well, including 18th century town architecture, Denmark's oldest castle Aalholm Slot, and a beautiful forest northeast of the city.


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