Aschaffenburg singles

In 1814 the town was transferred to the Kingdom of Bavaria by an Austrian-Bavarian treaty.

Aschaffenburg singles

In the German Peasants' War (1525), the town backed the losing side.The town is located at the westernmost border of Lower Franconia and separated from the central and eastern part of the Regierungsbezirk (administrative region) by the Spessart hills, whereas it opens towards the Rhine-Main plain in the west and north-west. dating portal vergleich ulmer Therefore, the inhabitants speak neither Bavarian nor East Franconian but rather a local version of Rhine Franconian.The climate is continental, typically with warm, dry summers and cold, damp winters.Aschaffenburg usually receives less snowfall during the winter than the nearby Spessart.

Aschaffenburg singles

Aschaffenburg was originally a settlement of the Alamanni. Around 550, the area had been conquered by the Franks, and their Hausmeier built a castle here. Peter und Alexander in the second half of the 10th century (957).In the 8th century, a Benedictine monastery was founded, dedicated to St. In 869, King Louis the Younger married Liutgard of Saxony at Aschaffenburg.Hike from west to east through the Spessart Hills from Aschaffenburg to Gemünden.The Spessart hills make up one of Germany’s largest single expanses of forest. In the Middle Ages the town was known as Ascaffaburc, Ascapha or Ascaphaburg.

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A stone bridge over the Main was reportedly built by Archbishop Willigis in 989, who also made the town his second residence.The town is located on both sides of the Main in the southwest part of Germany, 41 kilometers (25 mi) southeast of Frankfurt am Main.In the western part of the municipal territory, the smaller Aschaff flows into the Main.She also died here in 885 and was later laid to rest with her daughter Hildegard in the Stiftskirche.Ascaffinburg is mentioned first in 974 in a gift document by Otto II, in which he gave several villages including Wertheim am Main and a stretch of forest in the Spessart to the collegiate church.


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