Dating sites danmark Køge

In collaboration with the diocese of Vallø, archaeologists from the Danish Castle Centre and Aarhus University have discovered a previously unknown Viking fortress in a field west of Køge, Denmark.The discovery could be an important piece in Denmark’s historical jigsaw puzzle.The circular fortress is similar to the famous “Trelleborg” fortresses built by King Harald Bluetooth around the year 980 AD.

You also have to ask yourself if there are any more hidden ringed fortresses out there,” concludes Sindbæk.Søren Sindbæk and Nanna Holm at the excavation site (click for larger photo).Ground plan of the Fyrkat Viking fortress placed on top of the Vallø ringed fortress.Kge is a sort of satellite town to Copenhagen, as it almost is linked to the urban settlements that go along with Kge bay up to Copenhagen. Kge Kyst is a partnership between the Municipality of Kge and Realdania Arealudvikling to develop a part of the central harbour and station area in Kge.The area consists of three parts: The Station Area: 71,000 sqm for retail, housing and offices, and a new cinema. Sndre Havn: 192,000 sqm for for housing and offices and minor shops. This project also includes a rebuilding of Kge station, a new road tunnel and a underpass to link the old and new city together. kge station is a brand new station in the north end of town by Egedesvej.

Dating sites danmark Køge

A military fortification from the Viking Age may shed more light on the links between Zealand, ancient Denmark and the Jelling dynasty – as well as teaching us more about the period during which Denmark became Denmark,” says Holm.Only a few small parts of the fortress have been excavated so far. “The excavation has already confirmed far more than we dared to hope, but we don’t know the whole story yet.We’ve sent off samples for analysis, and the result should be available in a few weeks’ time. If we can establish exactly when the fortress was built, it will help us to understand the historical events with which it was connected.” Viking ringed fortresses may be the most famous historical monuments in Denmark.They attract tourists from all over the world, and have led to revisions of Danish history on a number of occasions.The discovery could be an important piece of the jigsaw puzzle in understanding the history of Denmark.

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