Hagen t5 glo single fixture

Be patient and eventually it will click into place. As you know to install the T5 HO bulb to the fixture, as instructed in the manual, after slipping the tube into the sockets we need to "carefully" rotate the bulb 90 degree for it to click into the operating position. You can easily slide the two hook points along the length of the fixture and easily fix them at any positions. Comes with metal slide supports that fit any tank in the 24 inch range. The light itself is working great and the bulb ends are protected by a plastic sleeve and o-rings.

It's amazing how much the hobby has changed in a few years.I was trying so hard to rotate the bulb that I was afraid the bulb was going to shatter in my hands.In the end I had to add a drop of lubricating oil to get it to turn. The light fixture comes with expandable legs so it can fit a variety of tanks (with rims or without).If you break a bulb putting one in or removing, you probably need help tying your shoes as well. Another thing is this fixture sets on the tank nicely, but is closer to the water on a plastic rim aquarium than I'd like.If you use the mounts it comes with for a rimless aquarium, the height would be up a bit and better suited for an aquarium. The initial fixture I got failed within a couple of weeks. The replacement fixture is working as it should so far. Other than that set back, I still really like its design and features.

Hagen t5 glo single fixture

Specialists in aquariums, ponds and reptile products.Our product range is vast, we stock many leading brands such as Hagen, Interpet, Fluval, Laguna, Blagdon, Exo Terra, Tetra, Medikoi, Nishikoi, Waterlife, Aqua One, Juwel, Oasis & API to name just a few.This is the only single T5HO fixture I could find for my 20g long. Hagen t5 glo single fixture-18Hagen t5 glo single fixture-83 The reflector is great and makes this fixture very efficient.Our staff are friendly and efficient and if you have any queries we are just a local phone call away.

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