Single party emden

The next collier was supposed to be at Tanahjampen but instead they found the neutral Dutch coast defence battleship Tromp.

The Hague Convention only allowed warships to coal for 24 hours once every three months in neutral waters, and so they left.

The Hague Convention allowed the cargo to be confiscated but not the ship so the Germans chartered the vessel which joined the little group as a supply ship. She sank eighteen merchantman, converted another to an armed merchant cruiser and captured and used three colliers.She had also raided two allied ports and sank a cruiser and a destroyer as well as causing major disruption to shipping and tying down a large number of enemy warships.Emden opened fire as the French ship tried to turn and run, hitting her with the third salvo, one shell exploding in the destoyers boiler room.Mousquet fired a torpedo and her forward 9 pounder gun but missed.

Single party emden

Emden immediately ceased fire, and later apologised, when it was realised that the vessel was an unarmed patrol vessel.Soon after Glenturret, a merchant ship carrying explosives, was sighted and boarded (still inside the harbour) but almost immediately the boarding party had to be recalled as the French destroyer Mousquet was sighted.There was concern that there may be two French armoured cruisers in port but the only warship they sighted was the Russian light cruiser Zhemchug. Single party emden-13Single party emden-84 At 0518 Emden raised the German Ensign and at 400 yards launched a torpedo which hit aft of the second funnel, the explosion lifting the stern of the ship out of the water.Emden opened fire with her 4.1 inch guns then turned to port to bring her other torpedo tube to bear.

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